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Our approach to making wine is the same as for the paintings and sculptures we‭ – ‬Roberto and Rodolfo‭ – ‬create in our studio in Florence:‭ ‬respecting the tradition,‭ ‬looking for quality,‭ ‬and then with modern techniques creating something new‭!
The resulting wines are modern classics that best reflect the place where we are grown up‭ … ‬We invite you to join us and learn about Torre Alberghieri‭!


Sangiovese,‭ ‬Canaiolo,‭ ‬Trebbiano Toscano e Malvasia del Chianti

Our ’Retro Chianti’ offers the balance, elegance and fascination that those who grew up in this wonderful countryside still remember. Sorbetino is the ’gentleman’ among our wines.
Obtained only from grapes of Sangiovese and Canaiolo with a small addition of white Chianti’s Trebbiano and Malvasia grown on our estate. Aged in rare chestnut barrels for a minimum of 18 months followed by 3 months of aging in bottle.
Bouquet of great intensity, with characteristic notes of fragrant red berries and slight floral notes, raspberry, cherry combined with violet notes. The taste is well structured, fresh, typical old-fashioned with firm tannins and slight bitter notes typical of chestnut barrels.



Sangiovese‭ (‬90%‭) ‬and Canaiolo/Colorino‭ (‬10%‭)

Our Chianti Classico accrues from an extremely accurate selection of the best grapes of Sangiovese (90%) and Canaiolo/Colorino (10%) cultivated in our vineyards.
Fermented and aged in concrete tanks for a minimum of 24 months.
Ruby red color of medium intensity with light garnet notes, intense aroma, typical bouquet with beautiful notes of ripe red cherry and plum fruits, supported by ether hints.
It has a good harmonious structure, with balanced acidity, firm and well smoothed tannins and a long finish, sweet, pleasantly mineral with slight notes of leather.



Sangiovese (90%) and Canaiolo/Colorino (10%)

Our Chianti Classico Reserve accrues from an extremely accurate selection of the best grapes of Sangiovese and Canaiolo cultivated in our vineyards.
Aged for 12 months in premium quality French barrique barrels of 225 liters in which the fermentation process has already been carried out.
It has a strong structure, pleasant tasting with a smooth flavor of ripe fruits, vanilla, a mild fragrance of balsamic vinegar with a long lasting aroma.



Sangiovese 100%

The thoroughbred of Torre Alberghieri! We have decided to dedicate a small part of our production (300 bottles) to this Super Tuscan wine.
Born from a meticulous selection of the bunches obtained from the oldest vines (35 to 45 years old) of our estate. Our idea is to present the greatest grape variety of Tuscany not as an ‘aged man’ but as an ’adolescent’ – full of energy and inspiration. An athlete, an artist, a poet …
The color confirms it – intense ruby red still with some hints of purple. On the nose it unleashes ‘Morello’ cherry, withered red rose and rare beef. Then it creates a frame of rosemary, cinnamon and clove on a ferrous background. On the palate it presents surprising silkiness and unexpected balance! It’s dry, full and round with a gentle acidity and tannin. Its accentuated minerality and the finish with returns of ‘Morello’ cherry and rosemary makes it triumphant!



Sangiovese 100%

Our Chianti Classico Great Selection 2011, is obtained only from Sangiovese grapes carefully selected, fermented in concrete tanks, matured in oak barrels of 225 and 500 liters for 30 months followed by an aging in bottle for at least 3 months.
Ruby red color of great intensity with grenade nail. Intense aroma, wide and complex, with hints ranging from red berries slightly overripe red berries, followed by spicy notes of vanilla, oak, clove, coffee, leather and tobacco. The taste is well structured with powerful and dense tannins, with good acidity and great persistence supported by fragrance of oak, spices and coffee interspersed with notes of jam.
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