Cooking & tasting
Cooking lessons are organized in our large kitchen, where small parties (min 2 – max 6 persons), can learn how to cook the basic dishes of the traditional Tuscan cuisine. Our recipes can be easily prepared when back home. Great fun and finally we will sit down together for tasting what you have prepared with an excellent glass of Chianti Classico wine in our hands!

Wine tasting
Our guests can approach the fascinating world of wine and have a better understanding of the complex process by which, from a single cluster of grapes, we produce a high quality wine that improves with time. A professional sommelier will be describing our Chianti Classico wines, made with tradition and passion, focusing on the specific features of each single type, on our country, our microclimate and our earth!

Visits to the farm and to the winery
Are usually offered before the wine tasting. You will learn more about Farm Torre Alberghieri regarding the land, the surrounding landscape and winemaking!

Book directly a Cooking and tasting wine,
Our gastronomic itinerary includes a gourmet tasting of wines from our farm Torre Alberghieri with tasting of traditional Tuscan cuisine.
We also have an exhibition of over 200 art works of the Masters ‘iguarnieri’, famous art gallery located in the historic center of Florence!


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