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Chianti and art is an expression of a simple and genuine lifestyle, managed in a familiar way with constant attention to details. Love for art and beautiful things are our driving forces. Honesty, serenity, discretion, kindness, and helpfulness are the basic elements to start a relationship with our guests. Its outstanding location, nestled in the gentle Tuscan hills, just 12 km far from the historical centre of Florence, makes it a convenient destination from which you can explore Tuscany and its most important art cities. Chianti and art offers the possibility to experience a peaceful life in the hills of the Tuscan countryside, in the homely atmosphere of a farming and craftsman family, in a small concern that produces exclusive Chianti wines, extra-virgin olive oil as well as art works. Different kinds of accommodations with wide and green outdoor spaces are available.


Your perfect holiday in Chianti …


To relax: cosy rooms tucked away in nature and green


For your soul: magnificent view, peace and quiet


For your children: park, lawn and wood for walking and playing, barbecues with the family


For the romantic you: privacy and a charming atmosphere


To tickle your palate: wine and oil tastings, cooking classes


Something interesting: painting classes, music events, wine tour around Chianti, Siena and much more


To be independent: self-catering small villas where you are absolutely free